We can provide a range of domain names suitable for your business.

Domain Pricing

.au domains
.com, .net domains

Transferring a domain ending in .au to VoIPex is free of charge and won’t alter the start and end dates of the registration period. Transferring any other domain to VoIPex costs $29.95 and will reset the start and end dates of the registration period.

Cost is per year up to a maximum of 5 years.

Free DNS Hosting

We include complete DNS hosting so you can add and remove your own records.

Free Email Forwarding

We offer the option of forwarding emails sent to your domain name to an alternate email address.

Free Web Forwarding

With web forwarding you can point your domain name to another web site.


TLDRegistrationRenewalTransferID ProtectionEligibility Req.$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yrFREE
.biz$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr
.co$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yrFREE
.com$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yrFREE
.info$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr
.me$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr$39.95 /yr
.name$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr
.net$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yrFREE
.org$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yr$29.95 /yrFREE

Rules For Domain Name Registration

.AU Domains

Registration eligibility requirements are set out by .au Domain Administration (auDA). For more information please see the AUDA eligibilty policy.